Friday, September 4, 2009

Fix for yellowed glue on Rhinestone Jewelry

Fix for yellowed glue on Rhinestone Jewelry

I used to see this a lot on older rhinestone pieces of jewelry where the glue has turned yellow through the years, there is a fix for this but it may require you to buy a good quality rhinestone glue " I think the best is "G-S HYPO CEMENT" or from your craft store, because when you use this method it will cause the stones to loosen. You can use nail polish remover that has acetone in it, use it very sparingly on a Q-tip and rub lightly to remove the old glue, and put a towel down so that if a stone does come out the soft towel will catch it so that you can glue it back in, making sure that you clean the nail polish remover off and dry the piece well before replacing the stones. My Grandmother wore a lot of rhinestone jewelry, and lost many stones over the years, she didn't have any glue I guess, because so many of her pieces she actually used bright red nail polish to set the stones back in, these have been passed down to my daughters and the stones are still in place, but they don't look too nice from the backs.
The set above is gorgeous from the 1940s, it was made so well that the glue has not yellowed and the rhinestones are vibrant and full of sparkle, I have this set in my store....

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