Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jewelry and Fashion

Ever notice the jewelry and fashion going back 20 or more years to another era? The jewelry fad is now bold bib necklaces just as it was in the 1940-50s era and also the 1960s-70s era, the aluminum fringe necklace is from the 40s-50s where the blue bib necklace from the 60s-70s, and of course the shoe clips were a fashion statement in the 40s and 50s to dress up those black heels, the clips here are from the 1980s era. Clothing is also going back to another era when bell bottom pants were in style, plus the more feminine look in ruffled blouses. I love the vintage jewelry and fashion styles of this era!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Amco vintage jewelry

Wonderful vintage Amco designer signed jewelry. I believe they made just about everything in the way of jewels and very well made, with most being gold filled delicate designs. They began manufacturing jewelry in 1919 and ceased in the 1970s, this fabulous jewelry was made in Providence RI by very talented artists resembling high end pieces that have held up throughout the years with many years of wear left.
This beautiful bracelet and earrings are in perfect condition and show wonderful rich patina, and are a good example of their fine jewelry. This set is listed in our store at this link

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dragons Breath Stones Jewelry

Dragons Breath stones were created for jewelry in the early 1900s, they are made of glass with metal added to the glass to create rich multi colored stones, blues, reds, purples, with the fire from inside. These stones are called many things by collectors, jelly opals, Mexican fire glass opals. I have only seen them in cabochons, they are beautiful and highly collectible. I have this pin set with Dragons Breath stones in my eCrater store http://rhinestonespast.ecrater.com/

Monday, June 13, 2011

German Silver;

German Silver;
If you have ever seen a piece of jewelry stamped German Silver, it actually is not silver at all, it has the silver color but is made up of different metals such as copper, zinc, and nickel silver or also known as gunmetal....If it's stamped Sterling then it is 9.25 or higher silver.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vintage Trifari faux Pearls worn by Mamie Eisenhower

Trifari Pearls {faux} 3 strands were custom made for Mamie Eisenhower in 1953 to wear to the inaugural ball..This is her picture wearing the vintage Trifari pearls.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Information on earrings with screw on backs.

Information on screw back earrings;

Screw-back earrings for non pierced ears was first patented in 1894, and I believe were not made after the late 1940s.. This is an example of Art Deco earrings with turquoise blue unusual rhinestones with the screw backs...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning Rhinestone Jewelry

Rhinestones are the first to show age on your costume jewelry, if they have gotten wet and have foiled backs the water will destroy the foil, turn it black or dark and I don't know of a way to save them you will have to replace them, moisture is your rhinestones worse enemy.

I use a very soft brush to clean them first then I use a Q-tip and windex, since it dries quickly, you can also use rubbing alcohol in the same manner, spray the cleaner in a small bowl barely dampen the Q-tip and rub lightly over the top of the rhinestone, then use a soft cloth to dry it, turn the item upside down on a soft cloth so in case there is a drip it won't run under the foil.