Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cleaning green verdigris from metal jewelry


I thought I would give a few hints that I have learned along the way on cleaning costume jewelry.
Sometimes you may receive a piece of jewelry that has green on the metal, copper and brass I have found will do this, I use a white distilled vinegar and a small soft toothbrush and cotton swab to clean the verdigris off. I don't dip the jewelry into the vinegar, as you know it is an natural acid, so as soon as you have cleaned the green verdigris off your jewelry be sure and rinse it well, and dry the piece well, on some chains it's difficult to dry so I use a hair dryer on a low cool setting.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

B.David Rhinestone Crown Jewelry

What a beautiful vintage rhinestone Crown brooch, it is signed by the artist B.David and they have become very popular as collectible jewelry. His jewelry has withstood the test of time of 50+ years since it was designed in the 1950s, most of David jewelry still looks very nice and the stones still have their luster and sparkle, and most of his jewelry had tiny faux seed pearls. The pastel aurora borealis rhinestones are of the highest quality, and the Crown pin is sought after by collectors, many of the famous designers made a Crown pin.
The B.David company was founded in 1945 and closed their doors in 1993. I have found that not all of B.David jewelry is stamped by the artist, this one is stamped at the very top of the crown on the back, but I have another that is identical that is not signed, plus another I had quite awhile back only had the B. stamped on it, looked as though when they stamped it only half of their name hit the metal. These pins look beautiful on any type of clothing and since the rhinestones are all prong set will hold up and be gorgeous for years to come....

*Rhinestones* Those fabulous sparkling stones we all love.

Rhinestones get their name from River Rhine Germany, the origin of the rhinestones came from here, this is where the first pebbles of rock crystal were found, they are faceted stones made of glass, and most have the foil backing to enhance the brilliance of the stone, and once the foil backing becomes scratched or exposed to water they lose their brilliance, and nothing I know can save them they would have to be replaced. The rhinestones have also been known as paste, which paste stones are also glass and have been used in jewelry since the ancient times..
A lot of the famous designers used brilliant rhinestones in their costume jewelry as this unsigned Weiss pin from the 1950s, it has marquis, round, and baguette stones and is fabulous, it does have a small flaw, two of the marquis or navette stones have a tiny bit of dark at the very tip of the stones which is hardly noticeable, and is very difficult to find these old pins without some small flaw since they were worn and loved, but other than that it is in wonderful condition, and is a very large size 3 inches by 2 inches. These are very popular now with collectors, and most know by looking at the piece whether signed or not that it is indeed a Weiss. He made a lot of jewelry for Sears Penney's and other department stores, which did not have his stamp or signature on the back. He is my favorite designer other than Eisenberg and Trifari, they used the most brilliant rhinestone crystal stones for their creations.
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Passion for Vintage Jewelry

I am making this page about antique and vintage jewelry because I have always had a passion for jewelry, the more it sparkles the better. So I have decided to take my passion and offer it to others with the same love for collecting flashy rhinestone costume and fine vintage jewelry. I don't know of anyone that doesn't have a yen for something in jewelry, and I have acquired so much that I have opened a vintage online jewelry store, with everything from the late 1800s to the 1990s, and quite a variety of items. I can't help myself from buying things that catch my eye, but like any true collector you eventually run out of space to store it, and it gets really bad when you have forgotten what you do have. I am still uncovering my collections, and am amazed what I have that I haven't seen in years.
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