Monday, September 7, 2009

Coro Duette Clips Pins Vintage Jewelry

Duette Pins Clips Brooch

Duette also Duet clips pins are so unique, they consist of 3 or 4 pieces, the base which hold the clips with a long pin attached and depending on the style having two or three clips, most were loaded with rhinestones, and are very popular to collectors today. They were first manufactured by the CORO company in 1931, some had the Coro stamp while others only a patent number. Many company's such as Weiss and Eisenberg followed suit and made their own Duette pins, one more elaborate than the other. I have seen just the back part of a Duette which holds the clips sell for $30 and $40, so if you only have that part don't discard it since a collector may have the clips and not the back pin part. The Duettes had many uses, they were worn as a large pin or brooch with it altogether, or taken apart and the two clips were used on a dress at the bodice to make an otherwise drab dress or blouse have some sparkle, and you were ready for a night on the town. Some ladies used them on their shoes also, but they were designed for the dress or coat. A lot of company's did make shoe clips which dressed up a plain pair of heels. The one in the picture here I have in my store and it is not signed nor does it have a patent number, but judging by the huge glass stone and the shape of it I am dating it to the middle to late 1930s, it shows no wear and is beautiful.....


  1. Beautiful pins! Great information in your blog!

  2. beautiful indeed,thanks for the info
    i have just bought a duette clips brooch myself at car boot sale and doing some research on it and you are great help, thank you again

  3. That is great, thanks Vincent. I was hoping this blog would help people in identifying their jools, and materials.