Sunday, November 28, 2010

Testing Pearls

This may not be an exact science for testing your pearls, but if you cannot get them to a jeweler this is what I do; Clean a couple of the pearls with a damped cloth or q-tip, put one of the pearls between your front teeth and rub your teeth across it, if it is gritty like sand it may be a real pearl, but some of the high quality costume pearls have been coated with a pearl coating, and the only way you can tell is if the coating comes off and reveals the glass bead beneath. I usually take a loupe or magnify glass and inspect each one first to see if there is any peeling or scratching, and if they are costume there will usually be some type of flaw. A jeweler friend of mine also told me that her husband who was jeweler for many many years, said that the smaller the light on a real pearl the better the quality. This same test is used for Fresh Water Pearls. Please don't ever use any soap or harsh chemicals on your pearls, or put them into a sonic cleaner, as it can damage them, my daughter had an expensive pearl ring and was wearing it while washing dishes, it removed the lustrous finish and the pearl was dull after that. I never dip them directly into water, since this can damage or weaken the cord they are strung on, just use a soft cloth dipped into water and wipe them carefully. Perfumes and lotions can damage pearls if allowed to stay on them, it's best to put your perfume and lotions on before adding your pearls, and wipe them off before storing them....
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